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Ian Frank
Beamin'Streamin Inspired by "singalong with Tim Piper and Gang" in The Grapes Mathew Street, Beatles Week 2004 when he gave us all a superb afternoon of entertainment . . . he certainly took us down . . . play sample


As You Are Me However you look at it, there are Lennon fans all over who see this "God type", believe me . . . I know some of them . . . play sample


Pilgrims In The Pool I was very low . . . everyone else was on a high. I stood outside "MENLOVE" and could not get these thoughts from my mind . . . knew they meant something . . . fitted together somehow . . . play sample


Please Turn Off The Rain Just didn't happen in London . . . certainly different when we got down to Tittenhurst Park. . . play sample


Freezin To The Bone You get aboard the uptown at Grand Central and you get to thinking of all these things . . . play sample


Dont You Know Sometimes it's hard to put your point of view across . . . sometimes we can be blind to certain facts . . . play sample


Blow Your Mind Away For Free We're all giving it "Peace and Love" . . . but when someone mentions CHAPMAN . . . that's when it changes . . . play sample


What Would You Say I'm not saying it's what John would have said . . . but he sure as hell would have said something . . . play sample


Help Them Believe It's having a go at the system . . . still believing that somehow, someway, we can all try to help carry the message forward . . . play sample


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