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ian frank bass guitar
ian frank

Johnny Gone Blue is a pilgrimage, a journey of discovery and realisation. It's a search for belief and understanding within oneself. A coming together of thoughts and feelings of many diverse cultures which, led by the legacy of John Lennon continue to carry the banner for peace.

Obviously inspired by the words and music of John Lennon and The Beatles this CD Album is available to buy now.
Fifteen months in the making, Johnny Gone Blue was launched in September 2005 as part of the Beatles Convention during the Liverpool Music Festival.

baz kassidy

Produced by Baz Kassidy and Alan Cotty, Johnny Gone Blue was recorded in Southampton, UK at Studio24 Audio Recording Studio during 2004 and 2005. All songs are written by Baz who also plays guitar and sings them. Alan (The Alchemist) plays guitar, keyboards, f/x and programming. Ian Frank sings the backing vocals and plays bass guitar and guitar.

Brian (BJ) Jenkins provides presentation facilities and is involved in the logistics and marketing of Johnny Gone Blue. Nicky Jenkins covers computerised presentations.

. . . below is a still image from the movie of our presentation material . . .

Ian Frank
Ian Frank

"BAZALIAN" - Baz, Alan & Ian at Studio24
Brian Jenkins

BJ, JL & BK - tap tap a rhythm on Mathew Street

Baz has always envisaged Johnny Gone Blue as a stage show. Producing the CD has in effect been the completion of part one of the project.

The Flash movie (above) of the presentation material, tries to portray how each song is influenced by John Lennon either directly - as in events he went through or places he lived. Or indirectly - current events and how he might have reacted.

The lyrics will probably appeal more to afficionados and students of John Lennon or the Beatles. That doesnt mean that Johnny Gone Blue is attempting to attract a minority audience. On the contrary. We hope the appeal is wider and that anyone can enjoy the album on the strength of the music alone.

Listen to some of the song clips. Add your comments or browse the Feedback Forum. If you like you can buy the album. In any event, thanks for visiting our web site and dont forget to "Keep the Flame Lit" . . . .

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